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I know everyone in the neighborhood is wondering about me. You're not curious about my marital status, as, since I moved in, it's become quite obvious from the men who pass through my door at all hours of the night that I am a single lady, living alone. No one is really surprised that I entertain so many gentlemen callers; after all, none of you have been able to take your eyes off of my gorgeous body, and my smooth voice has provided the fantasy narration for many of your erotic dreams.

The thing that you are so desperately curious about, however, is what I've got underneath the short skirts that I so shamelessly wear to flaunt my perfect ass and long, shapely legs. You were brave enough, once, to get over your nervousness about being so close to such a sublimely beautiful woman as me by stopping by my door to say hello. We talked for a bit, and when I gave you a hug before letting you go, you could have sworn that there was a bulge between my legs that you wouldn't normally expect on a girl. I know the mystery turned you on; I could feel your hard cock pressing against my thigh, just as mine pressed against yours.

Now, I'm just waiting for the day when you screw up your courage enough to try again. I'll invite you in and show you a different kind of hospitality this time, like making you beg to see what I'm hiding beneath my skirt and then forcing that secret down your throat. You thought you could use me to satisfy your pig-boy, tranny lust but I'll be the one using you.

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