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I'm a wild-at-heart girl who loves to have a good time at clubs, parties, and especially in the bedroom. I'd be the girl your momma warned you about if your momma knew enough to warn you about chicks with dicks.

I love dancing to a throbbing beat, slinging my hair and grinding my hips to the music. You buy the drinks and I'll let you do body shots off my tight little belly, as long as you promise not to swallow my belly ring...(giggle).

Once we're worked up and you've lost a few inhibitions we can go back to my place and have a fashion show. I'm sure we can find some cute, girlie ensemble in my closet for you to wear. Lingerie, sexy shoes, slutty dresses and stockings. You'll be damned near as pretty as I am...but not quite!

When you're dressed up and feeling oh so pretty we can tuck your cock and balls back and have a little role reversal. You can be my bitch and offer up your mouth and man pussy to me. And hell, where we go from there is anybody's guess. I'm unpredictable and uninhibited so be ready for anything and everything.

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